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Boveda 72% 320 gram Two Way Humidity Control

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Boveda 72% 320 gram Two Way Humidity Control.

Up until now, the largest and most popular size (60 grams) has been Boveda’s bread and butter for wood humidor maintenance. Typically, 3-4 packs are used to properly regulate a desktop humidor. This process has been condensed into a larger single unit with our 320 gram pouch. The pouch lasts up to 6x longer than any previous Boveda pack.

Boveda 72% 320 gram Two Way Humidity Control.

We believe this format will become the new standard in the tobacco market, providing cigar smokers with less maintenance than ever before. The 320 gram pouch is designed for humidors of all sizes, ranging from 25 count to 150 count. Multiple 320g packs can be mounted in even larger humidors and cabinet humidors.

Every Boveda RH is accurate to /- 1% in an air tight environment, which humidors are not. It’s common that the actual RH of your humidor will stabilize up to 5 points lower than the Boveda RH you’re using, due to humidor quality and ambient dryness.

That’s why we make Boveda in five different RH levels for tobacco applications: 65, 69, 72, 75 and 84 percent – so you can use the RH that achieves the humidity you and your cigars prefer.

Unlike distilled water and PG solutions with sponges/gel/crystals/beads that will impart unwanted flavors on your cigars, Boveda’s reverse-osmosis membrane only releases pure water vapor and Boveda will never damage anything through direct contact.

Once you smoke a cigar stored with Boveda 72% 320 gram Two Way Humidity Control, you’ll finally enjoy it exactly as the master blender intended.

About the product

  • Use with or without our 320 gram mounting plate
  • Dimensions: 6.75″w x 5″h x 0.82″d
  • Equivalent to over 5 large Boveda packs
  • Shelf Life Before Opening: 2 years
  • Replace when inner pack begins to get rigid
  • Boveda 72% 320 gram Two Way Humidity Control


Additional information

Weight 0.1 oz
Dimensions 6.75 × 5 × 0.82 in


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