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CAO Flavours Sampler

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CAO Flavours Sampler.

CAO’s Flavours line-up are premium flavored cigars that include real flavors designed to be noticed but not to dominate your palate.

These cigars aren’t the same as most flavored cigars because they have only high-quality, long-filler tobacco and are very mellow overall.This sampler box of 6 gives you one cigar each from the six different blends. Each is unique and delicious, offering a wonderful, complex flavor and pleasant aroma.

CAO Flavours Sampler are top-notch flavored cigars with subtle, real flavors that don’t overpower. A taste of CAO’s Flavours.


(1) Bella Vanilla Petit Corona (4″ x 38)

(1) Cherrybomb Petit Corona (4″ x 38)

(1) Earth Nectar Petit Corona (4″ x 38)

(1) Eileen’s Dream Petit Corona (4″ x 38)

(1) Honey Gold Petit Corona (4″ x 38)

(1) Moontrance Petit Corona (4″ x 38)

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Dimensions 6 × 5.25 × 1 in


6 Pack Box






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