High Gloss Walnut Folding Ashtray Set w/ Accessories

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High Gloss Walnut Folding Ashtray Set w/ Accessories.

Walnut lacquer finish and includes a set of stainless steel matching cigar accessories: Guillotine Cutter, Punch Cutter, Cigar Bed, Stainless Steel Ash Reservoir. Makes a Unique Gift! Find Ashtrays like these in stores for $75. High Gloss Walnut Folding Ashtray Set w/ Accessories.

A very cool ashtray that folds into a High Gloss Walnut Finish cube and unfolds to reveal a stainless steel ashtray bowl, guillotine cutter, punch cutter and cigar holder. When you are done using it just fold it back into a cube to hide the ashes!

Sizes: 4-3/4″ L x 4-3/4″ W x 3″ H (closed), 9-1/2″ L x 4-3/4″ W x 1-1/2″ H (opened)

High Gloss Walnut Finish
Stainless Steel Matching Accessories
Guillotine Cutter
Punch Cutter
Cigar Bed
Stainless Ash Reservoir

Additional information

Weight 1.11 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.15 × 3 in


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