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Montecristo White Label Rothchilde

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Montecristo White Label Rothchilde.

This cigar is one of the more recent additions to the Montecristo family. The Montecristo White Label Rothchilde  was produced in response to the demand for a tamer and creamier cigar, but one that like all MC had a rich and definable flavor and character. With the success of the original Cuban Montecristo, which debuted in 1935, and the continued success of the non-Cuban version released in the 1990s, the White Series is the most popular MC line extensions.

Creamy, subtle, and smooth, the Montecristo White Series is a favorite for aficionados who appreciate a complex smoke without an overwhelming amount of strength.

To complement the original Montecristo there is a new Montecristo White cigar created! With its rich history and reputation, MC have become the standard by which all other cigars are judged. Reminiscent of the original, the Montecristo White cigars are reminiscent of the original, and boast a lovely, hand selected Connecticut Shade Ecuadorian wrapper. With Nicaraguan binders and an exciting flavor blend of select Dominican and Nicaraguan long fillers, the MC White cigars makes for a rich and satisfying well rounded smoke.



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